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  • We know how time consuming these festive seasons can be, between shopping for presents, events, and everyday life it is exhausting just thinking about it! So we are here to make this time that little bit easier, so created by popular demand we bring to you our ULTIMATE SUMMER GIFT BUNDLE! For the first time featuring our current best selling Ice-Pop Makers (que the happy dance mummas!)


    This bundle has been created to give you that variety you want in a gift during this festive and summer season, whether it be for a little ones birthday or Christmas present we gurantee their mumma will be saying thank you and give me more! Just like our original Ultimate Mealtime Bundle it also gives thats variety for a little one to use thes eessentials from 6 months all the way through to the age of 5 or 6.


    All sets include a silicone food catcher bib, suction bowl, suction bowl with lid, suction plate, 1 x my big kid spoon, training cutlery set, silicone placematt, straw cup, collapsible snack cup and ice pop maker.


    Originally valued at $149.95 - now selling to you at a bundled price of only $178!


    Information & Care Instructions:

    Wash with warm, soapy water before use

    Our bibs,suction plates, bowls, training cutlery, cups and snack cups are all dishwasher safe (recommended to be placed on top rack)! However, if you are more the hand washing type of person, just rinse with warm water & soap and that will also do the trick.

    No more double handling of different plates or bowls - our suctions plates and bowls are also miscrowave safe, as well as our cups.

    The training cutleries small size & disc will stop your little one from putting too much food in their mouths at once, as well as the clever disc also stopping food from falling off the fork or spoon

    Made from Food Grade Silicon

    BPA & Toxin Free


    A little Reminder - we know at times it may be easy to forget, but it is always important to remember that this item should not be treated as a toy and should always be used when under the supervision of an adult. Elvie & Co. takes no responsibility for any injuries or accidents incurred from the use of our products.

    Ultimate Extra Gift Bundle

    My Big Kid Spoon
    Silicone Placematt
    Ice Pop Maker

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