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My name is Pamela & as well as being the mummy of Elyssa & Stevie, I am the creator of Elvie & Co. After my first born Elyssa, I had such mixed emotions and anxiety around if the products I was exposing her to were both safe and practical - oh I quickly learnt many were not that practical! Between the silicon bibs that were super stiff (and strangled my poor little girl), would not be flexible enough to catch the food, and too rigid to pack in my baby bag, I definitely was wasting my money. Oh and then there was the endless trial and errors of suction bowls that just would not stick - who else can relate?

Now with my second born Stevie I told myself why would I put myself through all these frustrations and wasted money? So instead I have carefully researched and sourced products that are all made from FDA approved Food Grade Silicon so they are all perfectly safe for your little bub. I have personally trialled them with my own little ones to make sure you will have no more messy meal times! 

In addition to the practicality and quality of our products, why wouldn't you want to deck your own little one out in such modern and beautiful coloured products?

We truly hope you love our Silicone Feeding Sets & Accessories as much as my little fam does.

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