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  • Any other mummas have those fussy little eaters that force us to be creative with their food? Or let's be real for a moment - we all get that mum guilt because we see all these other creative mummas make their little loves plates and lunch boxes just look too mighty fine for them to pass up!


    Introducing you to our Sandwich & Fruit Cutter Packs to make all our lives that tad bit easier, and cut that meal prep time in half - can we get an hallelujah!


    Each cutter is made from food grade stainless steel - to give that perfect and clean cut of all your little loves favorite shapes; sealed with a protective PP grip to of course protect our hands. Each sandwich cutter also comes with  removeable serrated sealer - the perfect way to seal all our hard work and contents of those sandwiches or even pies nicely inside. The fruit/vegetable cutters come in 10 x gorgeus shapes we know our little loves won't help my gobbling up! Each comes with a push stick attached for each of releasing when cutting all those yummy fruit and veg.


    Each pack comes with:

    • 1 x heart shaped sandwich cutter
    • 1 x  dinsosaur shaped sandwich cutter
    • 1 x star shaped sandwich cutter
    • 1 x square shaped sandwich cutter
    • 1 x mickey mouse shaped sandwich cutter
    • 1 x flower shaped sandwich cutter
    • 10 x fruit/vegetable cutters with push sticks - shapes include star, heart, elephant, fish, pig, rabbit, chicken, dinosaur, mickey mouse, flower. 


    Sandwich cutter dimensions - 10cm L  X 9cm W X 4cm D (may slightly vary dependant on shape)


    Fruit/vegetable cutter dimensions - 3cm W X 6cm H (may vary slightly dependant on shape, and height includes push stick)

    Sandwich & Fruit Cutter Pack

    Fruit Cutter Colour

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