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  • Are you wanting to try this whole BLW life, but not too keen on stripping down your bub to their nappy in an attempt to save their clothes from those nasty food stains? Or we all know those little loves that put simply oh just love their food! 


    Our feeding smock is here to save the day! Being completely waterproof, long sleeved with cuffed arms, as well as having a food catcher compartment - what else could you want? The stylish yet practical design consists of a 2 button-neck to secure the smock onto bub behind their neck, yet the open back making it easy to take on and off and comfy too. 


    You want to know the best part about it? It can be easily washed with a cloth or sponge, or you can simply throw it into the washing machine - and voila you are ready for your next meal. 


    Information & Care Instructions:

    • Our Smock Bibs are machine wash safe (recommended to be placed on a warm cycle)! However, if you are more the hand washing type of person, just rinse with warm water & soap and that will also do the trick.
    • Do not place our Smock Bibs within the dryer - the waterporoof material allows them to dry quick and easy naturally!
    • Made from 100% Recycled Polyester.


    A little Reminder - we know at times it may be easy to forget, but it is always important to remember that this item should not be treated as a toy and should always be used when under the supervision of an adult. Elvie & Co. takes no responsibility for any injuries or accidents incurred from the use of our products.

    Smock Bib


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