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  • The IMA BIG KID COMBO is the perfect little gift for that slightly older bub, and an essential for all you mummas who have already started on your solids journey and may have that slightly independent little one that likes to do things on their own!


    The Silicone Bib is flexible around bubs neck, yet has the large food catcher to keep those messy foods off your floor. We guarantee the strong suction on the plate will withstand those strong little ones no matter how hard they try to flip, tug or pull it off the surface - and the 3 divided sections are perfect for those fussy eaters too! And of course our Silicone Straw Cup is the perfect size for those little hands, getting your little one used to drinking from a straw, and versatile that it can be converted into a normally drinking cup too. But the real game changer is the non-spill Collapsible Snack Cup - perfect for when your on the go or even at home, allowing your little one to snack independantly, and making sure they are not leaving a trail of mess behind them too .... we got your back mummas!


    All sets include a Silicone Bib, Suction Plate, Training Cutlery Set, Silicone Straw Cup & Collapsible Snack Cup.


    Originally valued at $92 - now selling to you at a bundled price of only $79.95!


    Information & Care Instructions:

    Wash with warm, soapy water before use

    Our bibs,suction plates, bowls, training cutlery, slicone cups & snack cups are all dishwasher safe (recommended to be placed on top rack)! However, if you are more the hand washing type of person, just rinse with warm water & soap and that will also do the trick.

    No more double handling of different plates or bowls - our suctions plates and bowls are also microwave safe

    The training cutleries small size & disc will stop your little one from putting too much food in their mouths at once, as well as the clever disc also stopping food from falling off the fork or spoon

    Made from Food Grade Silicone

    BPA & Toxin Free


    A little Reminder - we know at times it may be easy to forget, but it is always important to remember that this item should not be treated as a toy and should always be used when under the supervision of an adult. Elvie & Co. takes no responsibility for any injuries or accidents incurred from the use of our products.

    Ima Big Kid Combo


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