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  • Spring is just around the corner, which means we are one step closer to summer - fruit purees, cold foods for those extra sore gums, and a whole lot of yummy fresh food! Our Ice Pop Makers are here to make your life that tad bit easier mummas.


    With the outter shell made from durable Polyproplene (to protect the shape of your ice pops and moulds when popping in the freezer), and the moulds made from soft food grade, FDA Approved silicone for ease of removing when they are ready to eat! Safety always comes first, being completely BPA free, so rest assured you are only getting the best quality for both you and bub. Each mould holds approximatley 50mls of liquid/puree, and it really is as easy as pouring into the moulds, popping the lid/sticks into each, leave in the freezer to set and voila - you have freshly made ice pops ready to eat!


    For convenienve your little one or toddler can even eat straight from the when you remove from the mould, with the handle being the perfect size for those perfect little hands to wrap around - also great in the development of fine motor skills too.


    Information & Care Instructions:

    • Wash with warm, soapy water before use
    • Reccomended to hand wash with warm soapy water - do not place in the dishwasher
    • BPA & Toxin Free
    • Clever designs allows the ice pop sticks to be re-used, and for the ingredients to set on the stick due to the holes on the inside - allowing them to be easily eaten straight from the mould! Less doulbe handling and clean up time for you too mumma!


    A little Reminder - we know at times it may be easy to forget, but it is always important to remember that this item should not be treated as a toy and should always be used when under the supervision of an adult. Elvie & Co. takes no responsibility for any injuries or accidents incurred from the use of our products.

    Ice Pop Makers


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